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AYSO Region 64- West San Jose, Moreland & surrounding areas

Competitive and Club Program

This is NOT our main Open Recreation program.  Look for the "Register for Fall" or "Register for Spring" tab for our main program for girls and boys ages 4 and up.

If you player is experienced and looking to tryout for a competitive program, please continue reading.

What is the AYSO Region 64 Competitive program?

The Competitive program is for highly skilled players who would like to play at a more challenging level. The two programs are AYSO United Club and AYSO Extra.

A Personal Note to parents - It is highly recommended that the kids make the decision by themselves to join the Competitive program.  Kids who choose for themselves to tryout for the competitive program are more likely to work hard and succeed.  Players pushed by their parents often do not enjoy soccer and are pressured to succeed, are less likely to succeed and stay in soccer.

What is Extra / Club / BAFSL / PCSSL / NorCal, and how do they relate to AYSO 64 Competitive?

  • Extra - AYSO’s program for competitive soccer. Teams will generally play against other AYSO competitive teams and tournaments. Extra teams play in BAFSL or PCSSL

    BAFSL - Bay Area Fall Soccer League is a league in the Fall.  BAFSL consists of competitive teams from the Peninsula to South Bay to East Bay.
    PCSSL - Pacific Coast Spring Soccer is a league in the Spring.  PCSSL consists of competitive teams from the Peninsula to South Bay.

  • All Stars United - AYSO’s competitive Club program. Teams will play in NorCal and in tournaments

  • NorCal - NorCal Premier Soccer League is a club league consisting of teams from all of Northern California.

AYSO64 Competitive teams participate in one of the above programs depending on the season and coach’s preference.

How is AYSO64 Competitive different from the regular Open program?

The Open program:

  • Everyone who registers is placed on an Open team.

  • There are several Open teams per division in a region.

  • Games are played on Saturdays.

  • Games are played within the region.

  • Practice days are flexible.

  • The league is recreational, with players of all skill levels.

The Competitive program:

  • Players are selected through tryouts.

  • There is only one or two Competitive team per age division in a region.

  • Games are played on Saturdays and Sundays.

  • Games are played outside of the region and require some travel.

  • Practice days are based on coach and field availability (currently Mondays / Fridays).

  • The league is competitive, geared towards advanced players.

  • Players and/or parents strongly encouraged to volunteer as referees.

Can a Competitive player also play on an Open team?

Yes, a Competitive player may also play on an Open team.  Player will need to pay fees for both programs.


How will tryouts take place?

Tryouts will be a typical training session.  Players will go through individual exercises, small sided games, and scrimmages.  The coach will observe the players during the sessions and make selections.

When will the roster be finalized?

Depending on the turnout, it may take several weeks to finalize the roster.  Players will be evaluated weekly, and either be removed from consideration or invited to return the following week for further evaluation. See below for Tryout Status

How to register, and what is the cost?

For the All Stars United Club teams,  Go to their website here:

- If a Club player, is also playing in the Open Recreation program, the player will register in the open program and pay those fees separately.

For the AYSO Extra Competitive Teams

These teams are not club teams. The cost is generally lower and teams only play against other AYSO teams unless playing in a tournament.  These teams are volunteer coach driven.  Contact or for your player to connect you with the right people.

If this is the first time trying out for AYSO64 Competitive, player must register as usual and pay the Standard Registration fees following the AYSO64 registration process to be covered by AYSO insurance. Submit your payment via check or paypal as usual. The fee covers registration, insurance, pictures.

If a player is selected for the Competitive program, the player can choose to play on just the Competitive team, or on both the Competitive team AND an Open team (regular AYSO team). The player must decide and let the Competitive coach know prior to the start of the season.

If a player would like to play on two teams (Open and Competitive) a Supplemental Registration fee will be due and collected by the Competitive coach.  The Supplemental Registration fee is $50. This fee will cover additional uniform, pictures, and league fees.

Depending on the league the team participates in (BAFSL, PCSSL, NorCal), the Competitive team has additional League fees to cover the cost of fields, referees, and administration.

In addition to the Standard Registration fee and League fee, the Competitive team often has additional costs decided by the coach such as:

  • Tournament fees - each tournament the Competitive team participates in will cost around $50 per player per tournament.  The number of tournaments the team participates in varies, and is dependent on the team’s interest.

  • Premium Uniforms and Accessories - the Competitive team may opt to have premium uniforms ($100 Adidas, Nike, etc.), warm-up suits ($75), player bags ($50), and other accessories.  These options are decided at a team level by the coach.

  • Team parties, snacks, gifts, and other miscellaneous items.

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There are no programs or divisions available at the moment. Please contact your club administrator with any questions.

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