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Volunteer Registration Workflow

Flow For Each Volunteer
  1. Volunteer submits application in eAYSO.
    • The application process ensures all required information is entered including social security number. Regions never have access to social security numbers.
    • Our region uses eSign so we don't need to verify signatures or keep paper copies for the otherwise required 7 years.
  2. If previous AYSO volunteer, skip this step. Check previous status using "Lookup / Volunteer" in eAYSO. If registered before (not just applied), then ok.
    1. Region verifies identity: check each volunteer's Driver License to confirm eAYSO application exactly matches.
      • First 4 of driver license. If it does not match, the volunteer must correct this information. The remaining information can be corrected by the CVPA.
      • First name (put common or nickname in Nickname field)
      • Last name
      • Birth Date
      • Gender
      • License Expiration Date
    2. The Driver License can be submitted in person, photocopy, or electronic copy (digital photo works well)
    3. The Application can be viewed from within eAYSO by clicking the printer icon in the far right column of "Region / Volunteer / Registration". No paper copy is necessary although it may be easier
    4. Verify application completeness (need not match license but must be filled in)
      • Address
      • Phone (preferably both home and cell)
      • Email
      • Desired volunteer role
      • Professional reference
      • Personal reference
  3. Verify Crime Disclosure
    • If criminal conviction, volunteer must be approved by AYSO National before being accepted as a volunteer. Contact AYSO National and wait for decision.
  4. If everything is ok then submit the application within eAYSO so that the volunteer can take online training.
  5. If existing volunteer, then registration is process done for this volunteer.
  6. If new volunteer, then add this volunteer to the list of volunteers who need references checked in the CVPA Google Doc.
    1. Just keep first, last, email, and completion status in this doc. All other info should remain within eAYSO.
    2. Call references
    3. When all references verified, the registration process is done for this volunteer.
After the registration process, all board members, coaches, and referees should have their volunteer service recorded appropriately if they actually serve in that function. The CVPA can work with the RCA, RRA, and others to verify service and mass mark volunteers as serving in any particular capacity. By default all volunteers are marked as Regional Volunteers and at a minimum this should be retained. Additionally they can be recorded as serving in up to 2 other volunteer roles. If more than that, just pick the 2 most important/significant roles.

  • If possible, do not save volunteer applications locally. They can all be accessed from within eAYSO. Saving/printing them requires you to securely delete/shred applications when you are done.
  • If possible, complete everything except reference checks online when the volunteer registers. Alternatively keep paper copy of volunteer form to process within a few days of registration.