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Registration Parent Talk

Who: The Parent Registration Talk is given by the RC, Assistant RC, Coach Admin, Ref Admin, or other seasoned AYSO volunteer with good presentation skills. All parents who do not volunteer as a board member, referee, coach, or team manager must listen to this talk each season.

Equipment Needed: Projector, laptop computer, presentation (attached below), water bottle, projection screen (if none in room)

When: During regular regional registration events.

Where: John Muir Elementary school Discovery Room.

Why: Introduces parents to AYSO and our region. Educated parents are happier parents and lead to fewer problems later.


The key points and objectives of this talk are:
  • Introduce yourself
  • Recognize returning board, referee, coach, & team manager volunteers. Let these special folks skip to the next registration step.
  • Review what AYSO is about
  • Kids Zone
  • Volunteering - help recruit new volunteers -- without them we have no region.
  • Referees
  • What you must have to register (I moved this slide from near the beginning of the talk to the end so people would not start exiting the doors immediately)

Feel free to update slides and supplement with a video. Consider the AYSO Parent Orientation Video at http://www.youtube.com/user/AYSONational in place of the AYSO review and kids zone slides (it is about 7 minutes long).

Total presentation time 10-15 minutes, presentation cycle time is about 15-20 minute (includes intake, departure, and questions).

It helps to have someone manage the entry door (only letting new people in when completed people have left). Also let in only as many as the room accommodates so that a huge flood of new people does not overwhelm the next steps in the registration process.

It also helps to have someone talk to people waiting outside to keep them occupied.  It can help to have a line of cones as well as signs outside to direct people to the entry point (at Muir the registration exits are more visible than the entry point).

The talk cycle can begin as soon as the other registration volunteers are ready to accept people. Keep giving it in a cycle until that registration session is done.
Tim Oey,
Nov 12, 2011, 12:03 PM