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Setting Game Schedules

From Xiaolong's blog posts:

My first thought was that it is the easiest to dump last year’s game schedule, edit the tab-limited text file and then import this text file to the game schedule. However, my approach changed significantly after working with Rosie. Actually the game scheduler in the webpage can do it automatically to match teams together without repeating two teams.

Here are the steps:

  1. Build the “Game Slots” under “Game Sched”. Choose the first game day, manually fill up the game slots for each team, time slot, and field. Unfortunately, this has to be done manually. The game slots need to be figured out by the board based on available field, team, time slot. After the first day is done right, then the rest of the game days can be simply copied from this day by highlighting the new day, scroll down to the bottom of the page, choose the existing game schedule, and copy.
  2. After game slots are build, go to “Game Sched” –> “Schedule by div”. Here choose a division, if the division has > 1 teams and even number of teams, you are lucky! Click on “Schedule”. The game scheduler will automatically fill up all game slots one by one by avoiding duplicate matches. However, if there is a uniform color conflict, we must manually change the schedule for those teams to avoid the same uniform color. To do that, the best way is to “Div Coord” –> Choose a division –> “Display division” and find out what teams the conflicting team has played and the choose a team this team has not played to play. Again, here one must build this day of schedule manually to avoid duplicate matches and uniform color.  For those teams that either has 1 team or odd team numbers, one must get help from webmaster as I described below.


Notes and status:

What need to be fixed

U5B- We have only one team, the scheduler requires two teams min. Rosie added one team manually. However it still cannot fool the scheduler to work. The team made up by Rosie has zero players and coaches. Probably that was the reason. We did not know how to add fake players without affecting the other existing team. Called webmaster for support. No response yet.

U8G- Odd number of teams (7). The game scheduler could not do it. We needed help to figure out how to fool the game scheduler to do it.

U12G, U14B, U14G, … and above needed to be imported from area scheduler once they are available.