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Each Fall AYSO Region 64 gives sweatshirts to its players, coaches, referees, and board members.  Each participant receives one complimentary sweatshirt.  Additional sweatshirts can be ordered for $22 each.  The sweatshirts are customized for the type of participant (player, coach, referee, and board member).

We use Google Forms to collect all sweatshirt sizes and Google Spreadsheets to automate the roll-ups per team and for the whole Region.

Here is a picture of the sweatshirt and the logo. (NOTE: Old info. Will be updated!!!)

Important Dates:
  • Orders due: 
    • September 15th
  • Distribution Days:
    • Location: Queensborough Pool, 1138 Miller Ave
    • Primary time: Thursday, October 24, 7-8:30 PM - no swapping sweatshirts!
    • Backup time: Wednesday, October 30, 7-8:00 PM - swapping is available as supplies last!

Parents & Players
  1. Should send their sweatshirt sizes to their coach and/or the Team Sweatshirt Parent.
  2. The deadline for submitting sweatshirt sizes is Sept 15th so that there is sufficient time to place the order, make them, receive them, and distribute them before the season ends.

Team Sweatshirt Parent and/or Coaches

  • A Google ID is not required.  We will be using a web-based form to submit orders and a read-only spreadsheet to provide a status of the order per team.
  • Your Division Sweatshirt Aide will contact Coaches and Team Sweatshirt Parents with details.  They can also help with questions.
  • Collect the players' sizes
  • Submit one form for each registered player and each registered coach.  Make sure you have the team number handy from the coach or Division Sweatshirt Aide.  The team number and head coach name are needed to ensure all the submissions are tied to the right team.  You don't have to submit the forms all at the same time.
  • You can submit forms for extra sweatshirts at an additional cost of $22 each.  Submit one form per extra shirt.  Select the option for this under "Sweatshirt Type". The cost for these must be paid by Sept 15th.  Make checks out to "AYSO Region 64" and sent to :
DJ Lee
6402 Canterbury Ct
San Jose, CA 95129
  • Verify your  order is correct by checking your team order report.  Go to the link for your division and then click your team number at the bottom. Make corrections by submitting an additional form and letting sweatshirt@ayso64.org know that you submitted an update.
  • Let the Division Sweatshirt Aide know when all forms for your team are submitted.
  • Note that players get a sweatshirt with a "Region 64 PlAYSOccer" logo.  Coaches have the addition of "Coach" in the logo.
  • Sweatshirts are picked up at the Distribution Days.  See dates at top.
 Aide Email Address Phone
U5B, U6B
 Ajay Bhatnagardr_ajay_bhatnagar@yahoo.com408.247.0058
U5-6G Vish Bhupathirajuvbhupath@hotmail.com
U8B #1-14
 Eugene Serioseserios@gmail.com
U8B #15-22 Lupe Turnerlilluhere4u@yahoo.com408.871.2868
U8G Ajay Bhatnagar dr_ajay_bhatnagar@yahoo.com408.247.0058
 SeungJae Hong sjhong1029@gmail.com408.446.1215
 Lupe Turner lilluhere4u@yahoo.com408.871.2868
U12B, U12G
 Rehmat Kharal akharal@yahoo.com408.559.1302
U14B, U14G, U16B, U16G, U19B, U19G
 Vish Bhupathirajuvbhupath@hotmail.com408.464.5249
Board Members DJ Lee

Division Sweatshirt Aide
  1. Contact the coaches for your assigned divisions to get the Team Sweatshirt Parent names, email, and phone numbers.  You will be emailed a list of all the coaches' contact information. Don't start this until after the Coaches Meeting on Tuesday, August 20th.
  2. Send the Team Sweatshirt Parents & Coaches the link the form with instructions that the Region Sweatshirt Coordinator will send you.
  3. Let the Overall Region Sweatshirt Coordinator know when your division(s) are done.
  4. See the Sweatshirt Order Links page
  5. Help at Distributions Days.  See below.

Overall Region Sweatshirt Coordinator

Before starting the ordering process:

  1. Update the AYSO instructions - update dates, and any updated to the process
  2. Create two page handout for coaches to be given out at the kick-off mtg.  See copy of the document attached below.
  3. Create slide about sweatshirts for  kick-off mtg.
  4. Review/update the on-line form
  5. Contact aides and confirm their participation.  Meet with Aides.
  6. Assign Divisions to Sweatshirt Aides. Update the chart above and Sweatshirt Aides Spreadsheet.
  7. Confirm with Rosie that coaches and teams are set
  8. Get copy of coach and team assignment from WYS -> Coaches -> RCA -> save as CVS.  Save cvs to a local file and then import that file into Google spreadsheets as a new spreadsheet. Example.
  9. Sort the coaches spreadsheet by selecting all rows (except title) and use Data -> Sort Range -> Column B
  10. Send list of coaches to the Sweatshirt Aides
  11. Set up/cleanup the sweatshirt Google Spreadsheets.  See all the division spreadsheets in the Sweatshirt-Divisions Orders folder
    1. Division Sheets/Intro tabs. Example.
      1.  Reset" the green background indicating complete and to white.
      2. Change the "Team Done Count" to 0.
      3. Clear out any old notes at the right of the spreadsheets
      4. Update the "Actual" values for Players and coaches in the Intro sheets.
    2. Division Sheets/Team Tabs.  Example.
      1. Clear out any old data frozen in spreadsheets
      2. Clear out any old notes at the bottom of the spreadsheets
      3. "Reset" the green background indicating complete and to white.
  12. Send link to Sweatshirt Aides. Access will be based on the link.  No Google ID required!

End of ordering process

  1. Towards end, double check
    1. Each Division "Intro" sheet has a Minimum Team Size listed.  I normal wait until a team as that many orders to start double checking the team's order.
    2. Teams are finishing up - verify by checking number of coaches and players to make sure there are the right number of orders per team
    3. Mark teams that are finished with green highlighting over each player and coach.  This makes it clear what has been reviewed and what has not.
      1. If there are issues, like with extra coaches or players whose name does not match, mark them with yellow until resolved.
      2. Watch for coaches that are helping, but not registered.  These are not allowed.
      3. If a coach is coaching two teams,  remove his/her entry in the input spreadsheet and make a note int eh second teams spreadsheet that the coach was purposefully removed.
      4. Use notes at the bottom of any team's spreadsheet for usual issues like a play who doesn't want a sweatshirt.
    4. As teams finish up, mark the team as green in the "Intro" Spreadsheet for that division.  Example.  Also Add a "1' in the  "Teams Done Count" column.  That rolls up to the Summary 2013 tracking page.
  2. Try to double check that each coach only gets one sweatshirt
  3. Try to double check if someone is coaching and refereeing and on the Board, they only get one sweatshirt.
  4. Freeze the "Buffer" spreadsheet to prevent late orders from unexpectedly affecting totals.  Do this by taking the  Buffer sheet, copying all lines, and "Paste special" ->"Paste values only...".  After freezing, watch for late entries in the "Input" sheet to see if you can incorporate a few more on a case by case basis.

Other info:

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