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Paylpal setup details

The key people worked with to set this up were Bob Arasmith (developer of webyouthsoccer site) along with Owen Gan and Araceli Cardenas at the AYSO National Accounting Program.  They are the official ones that own the AYSO Paypal account.

Instructions from Bob (8/2/12):
First you need to contact national, assuming you have a paypal account through them, and have them turn on your Instant Payment Notification (IPN).
It should point to https://r64.webyouthsoccer.com/payment/ipn_receiver.php
What this does is notify WYS when someone pays via paypal.

Then you need to construct two static webpages;
1. A page that the parent lands on after a successful payment, maybe describing when to expect the coach to call, thanking them, etc.
2. A page that the parent lands on when the payment was cancelled, maybe telling them other methods to pay.

Then you go into WYS and visit the Admin > Registration Opts page where you configure your paypal options in WYS.
Do not enable it until everything is configured properly or you will deadend parents.

Three of our pages are critical to make this work:
The connection from Paypal to our registration system is called Instant Payment Notification (INS). To check of this is setup in Paypal:
  1. Sign in as the Admin account
  2. Go to:
    • My Account tab -> Profile -> My Selling Tools -> Getting Paid and Managing My Risk -> Instant payment notification -> Update -> Choose IPN settings
  3. See:
    • "Notification URL" field =  https://r64.webyouthsoccer.com/payment/ipn_receiver.php 
    • "Receive IPN messages (Enabled)" radio button is selected
On the WYS side, once everything is setup, these fields are key:
  • Post Registration section, "Following completion of on-line registration process jump to this url" - see Post Registration link above
  • Paylpal Integration
    • Enable PayPal Payment - check this after INS is turned on by National
    • Where do you want to go after successful PayPal payment? - see succeeded link above
    • Where do you want to go after a canceled PayPal payment? - see cancelled link above
Paypal accounts we use:
  • Only Admin account can issue refunds
    • Admin account is accessed with a user name created for each Admin
  • Both Admin account and Reports account can see details of each transaction
    • Reports account user name: r0064reports

Transactions for paypal payment appears on parent's credit card statements as "AYSO R64"