Instruction Best Practices

AYSO Instructor Course Roster Best Practices:
  1. The Lead Instructor for a course is always responsible for the roster and entering it into eAYSO afterward.
  2. Get as many as possible to pre-register for a course in eAYSO (it can be extremely hard to read people's handwriting on rosters -- we want to make sure the right person gets credit and that all who successfully complete a course do get credit -- participants must attend the entire course -- the lead instructor may make accommodations for some people at the instructors discretion)
  3. Send a reminder email to everyone who signed up in advance (eAYSO does not allow participants to see what courses they signed up for)
  4. Print out the course roster just in time for the course so you get as many on it in advance
  5. When people checkin, have them sign under their name to show they were there at the beginning of the course.
  6. Get a helper at your course to handle course checkins; manage rosters, certificates & pins; handle refreshments; help with setting up before; help with cleaning up after; etc.
  7. During the course, have the helper fill out the course completion certificates using the information on the sign in roster.
  8. Make sure everyone prints their name and region very clearly on their test!
  9. It speeds things up for everyone to swap tests with a neighbor and grade and review as a group. Have people grading tests use a check mark or X to mark to mark answers which are NOT correct.
  10. Give out a pin & certificate as each test is collected. Certificates left over as well as missing tests show that someone did not complete the course and so they cannot get credit.
  11. With the rosters and tests in hand, in eAYSO remove everyone who did not attend and add people who wrote their name on a roster who did attend. Check all those who successfully completed the course and click the "Return Roster" button. If someone attended but did not pass the test, it is ok to leave them on the roster with the completed box unchecked -- it is possible for them to do a retest. But those who were not in attendance for the entire course should be removed.