Opening Day - Fall 2016 SATURDAY AUGUST 27TH

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Fall 2016 OPENING DAY is this Saturday August 27, 2016 8:30 – Noon @ Miller Middle School, 6151 Rainbow Drive, San Jose
General Information
    • Parking will be crowded, plan ahead!!!
    • Three activity zones for the kids: (40 minute rotations). See field layout.
      • Fun Zone (U5-U10)
      • Full field demonstration games
      • Keeper Wars (U10 - U19): For info, click here
      • DJ booth for announcements and MC of parade
    • Bring water, wear sunscreen.
    • Vitamina Juices & Blends will be available to serve

8:00- Coach Check in & coach package & field layout

8:30- Players arrive, in full uniform and line up for parade

    • Line-up by ages on street side of track, find your coach on track
    • Parents move to opposite side of track, past DJ booth for pictures
    • Coaches and assistants organize teams
    • Bring Your Team Banners!
          9:00-9:45- Parade (U5-U12)
9:50-12:00- Different Activities (see details below) 


Zone#1: MillerTrack




Keeper Wars 1


Keeper Wars 2

Zone #5: Strike Zone

( mini games, shots on goal,)

Zone #2:

Fun Zone (slides, etc)

Big Field: (zone#4)

8:30 U14G1 v U14G2
9:30 u14B1 v U14B4

10:30 U14B2 v u14B3 11:30 U16B1 V. U16B2 U19G invited

Anyone-anytime, first come, first serve


U12 B 1 V 4 Plus any additional players from other teams





U8: Mini Games (coach

sign up at check in)


10:30- 11:15

U12 G 1 V 2



U10 mini games at mini fields

All ages: shots on Goal



11:15- 12:00


U12 B 2 v 3, plus any additional players from other teams


U 14


  • Zone #1: U12  (Track)
    • Start by 9:45
    • 30 minute games
    • Field miller track
    • Game schedule prearranged: sign up:
      • Schedule by age/gender groups
    • 9 v 9
    • Subs at half
  • Zone #2 Fun Zone
    • U5-U10 only on the blow up slides
    • Baseball field behind snack shack
    • Open after parade till 1pm
    • Face Painters/
    • STRIKE ZONE: (keeper wars/radar gun/shots on goal)
    • SHOTS ON GOAL (WITH UK)/ RADAR GUN (shoot for speed) ALL  AGE GROUPS
  • Zone #3 Keeper Wars U10, u12, U14, U16-19
    • All U10  and up will play Keeper Wars
    • All U12 and under teams observe games and Keeper Wars
      • Coaches can use as teaching opportunity for younger players
      • Opportunity to rest/prep for short sided games
  • Zone #4 (Miller West - big field) U14 - U19 games
    • 1st game starts at 8:30 AM PROMPTLY/ Full field/
    • 8:30 U14G1 v U14G2
      9:30 u14B1 v U14B4

      10:30 U14B2 v u14B3 11:30 U16B1 V. U16B2 U19G invited

<<CONFIRM - Blue>>

1)    1 minute Shooter / Keeper 1v1

2)    The corner kicker:

A player takes 10 corner kicks in 2 min,  ball must be touhing the goal

line, and attempt to score.   A goal is by standard definition, must

completely cross the goal line.     Top score at the end of the day will

win a prize

 3)   The longest kicker.

Using the touch line, a player has 3 kicks of the ball as far as he can

down the line on the fly in 2min.. where the ball lands it will be measured

in respect to the Touch line.   The amount of error to the touchline is

subtracted from the total.  The sum of all 3 kicks is the score total.

The winner of the day gets a prize.

11:15am:  U19G vs. U14B-1 -- I'd say again a 35-minute "half"/"game", subs at their discretion (maybe the girls can change on the fly but the boys only at half)
  • ZONE #5- UK clinics by age group; Shots on Goal & Radar Gun ALL AGES

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