Picture Day

Picture Day Pick up is on Tuesday May 17th at John Muir from 7:00 - 8:30 PM

If your team took pictures on either April 24th or April 30 they will be available for pick up on 5/17.
If your team took pictures at the additional day on May 7th they will be mailed to the coaches.

If a team CAN NOT make the schedule picture day please contact pictureday@ayso64.org immediately to schedule a make up date.
If an individual CAN NOT make the scheduled picture day please contact pictureday@ayso64.org immediately to schedule a make up date.

V.I.P, Make Up Day for Teams and Individuals and BAFSL teams is on Sunday April 24, 2016 at Creekside Park in San Jose.

All registered players are entitled to a Basic package, paid by Region 64:
a) One Digital Memory Mate (Team picture along with one individual Player photo)
b) One photo Magnet.

Additional packages or a la Carte can be ordered by specifying these in Section #2. Prices already include the sales tax; please include the exact payment in the envelope for the extra orders.
To order online please go to www.mypicday.com and use code ayso642016s

Picture Day Coordinator: pictureday@ayso64.org

After Picture Day

A Coach, Team Parent, or Group Leader should pick up pictures as noted on our Region Calendar.