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Arbiter settings

Your personal settings in Arbiter can show or hide games.  If your settings are not correct, you might not see any games to self-assign.

If you do not see any games to self-assign, check the following settings:

In your account information (PROFILE > INFORMATION), the Ready box must be checked.
Arbiter Ready box

In the BLOCKS > TRAVEL LIMITS panel, the postal code and distance values can hide games.  When self-assigning, you will see only those games that are within the distance to the postal code that you specify.  You are not required to use the postal code of your residence.  Rather, use the postal code that is closest to the fields where you referee.  For example, if you referee in the West San Jose region (Region 64), you can use the 95129 postal code.  Use 95129 and a distance of 15 miles to display all of the fields in West San Jose, Saratoga, and Cupertino.

Aribter block: travel distance