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Ref Admins: Arbiter user-account fields

In addition to adding user name and email, the following fields are required to create an account that a referee can use to self-assign games and that a ref admin can display in user lists:

Account > Custom Fields:
Badge: Choose R (Regional) for new, Regional refs
Region: Identify the AYSO region where the ref volunteers.  If a PRO (youth referee), append 'Y' immediately after.  E.g., a Region 64 PRO must have Region value '64Y'.  Without the 'Y', the PRO does not display in the pre-defined list of PRO referees.
Year Joined: Used for "new ref" lists.
Ref Rank: Not required. 

Tools > Ranks: Identify the rank for REF (CR), AR1, AR2.  Arbiter permits a volunteer to self-assign only games for which the referee is appropriately ranked. Use a rank code from 600 (new regional ref) to 100 (experienced national ref).  To match ranking numbers with badge and experience level, see Ranking requirements by division.  For a new regional referee, assign REF=600, AR1=600, AR2=600.

Status > Active: Check the box.
Status > Ready: Check the box.

Address > Postal Code:  Use a postal code that is near the fields where the referee volunteers.  Do not use the referee's personal home or business code.  (A referee's personal home or business address is not used for any Arbiter tasks).  When a referee self-assigns, Arbiter displays only fields that are within the travel limit from the postal code.  If a referee wants to volunteer in Region 64 but lives in Palo Alto, use the West San Jose postal code 95129.