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Returning Referee

Welcome Back All Returning Referees. Hope you had a great summer and ready to ref.

All returning referees and PROs must re-register as a volunteer in the National AYSO database through eAYSO.

Registration of volunteers in the National AYSO database is an annual requirement and must be completed prior to starting the season or you cannot coach or referee.

  • Go to to register as a volunteer for this season. If you have registered as a volunteer in prior years, your information will already be in the database. Be sure to verify that all of it is correct and current, especially your email address!

  • Register only yourself in eAYSO. Please do not register your children as players in eAYSO!

  • Once you have entered the required information online, print (2) copies of your completed eAYSO volunteer or email pdf to me

All Returning Referees are strongly encouraged to refresh the course materials once a year at your badge level. You are always welcome to sit in the referee training classes. See the Coach and Referee Training Calendar for the date, time and location of upcoming classes. Send an email to Randy Ristau at or if you are planning to sit in any class (you will not be required to take the test).

If you have refereed 2 or seasons please sign up to upgrade your  trainings and badges    (more badge upgrade info) .

Referee Badge Upgrade Gift Package:

Intermediate Referee
 Blue uniform, full sleeve yellow uniform, AR flags
Advanced Referee    
All other color uniforms, a watch  and a bag, fox whistle
National Referee
Jacket(after course work) and a gold Whistle

Current returning referees badge upgrades in progress below:


Bill Rothwein    
GGC 2011: Course completed
 Alex White
Intermediateall completed Spring 2012
 Sergey Zabilo
IntermediateCourse completed SP2011
 Pao-Po Hou
IntermediateCourse completed SP2011
 Michael Wilson    
Intermediateall completed Spring 2012
 Umesh Kukreja
all completed Spring 2012