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Referee Badge Upgrades

If you have refereed 2 or more seasons please consider upgrading your badge level. To upgrade your badge level, you must complete the following tasks:

  • Complete the appropriate referee course
  • Referee a sufficient number of games at the sufficient age division to gain experience
  • Be observed by a referee assessor
  • For higher-level badges, you must pass a fitness test (sprint and run medium distance) and complete additional service to the program

The badge upgrade application lists the course modules, games requirements, observation requirements, and fitness and service requirements for each badge level.


R64 Referee Badge Upgrade Gift Package:

Intermediate Referee
 Blue uniform, full sleeve yellow uniform, AR flags
Advanced Referee    
All other color uniforms, a watch and a bag, fox whistle
National Referee
Jacket (after course work) and a gold Whistle

After completing the upgrade course, a mentor will work with you for several weeks to prepare for the observation by an assessor.  The Regional Ref Admin (RRA) will try to clear Arbiter slots so that you and mentor can work together.  Each week, self-assign for two consecutive matches, one with you as CR and the mentor as AR, and one with the mentor as CR and you as AR.

Current returning referees badge upgrades in progress below: 

Updated 8/2014:

Name Upgrade In Progress Comments
Kristina Festa Advanced Mentor: Hank M.
Luis Curet Advanced Mentor:
Wenqing Lu Intermediate Mentor: Tim S.
Jayesh Gada Intermediate Mentor: Jim H?
Ranjit John Intermediate Mentor: Michael S?
Claire Yuan Intermediate Mentor: Charlie R.
Casey Markert Intermediate Mentor: Kartik L?
Shivakumar Mathapathi Intermediate Mentor: Tapas M