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Administrative Overview

Field Marshall's supervise overall activity at each site.

Field Marshall, Registrar, Team Balancer, Game Supervisor(s), and Pinnies Manager set up field area with pickup fields, canopies, 2 tables & chairs starting at 7:30am. Some of these roles may collapse into just a few people. Regular fields get set up by regular teams that arrive early.

Parents arrive with their teams or non-AYSO participants.  Regular AYSO Parents, Coaches, and Referees generally do what they normally do but may have guest players mixed onto their teams and everyone should be flexible about re-balancing teams as needed.

U8 sequence
  1. U8 Coaches and non-AYSO particpants checkin 1 hour before game time (game cards & known buddies)
  2. Regular AYSO U8 players checkin 45 minutes before game time, parents set up goals (if first ones on field)
  3. Warmup starts 30 minutes before game time with guest players included
  4. Referee gets game card from roster
  5. Game starts on time
  6. Snack celebration after game away from game field so next game can get going
  7. Pinnies returned to Pinnies Manager

U5 & U6

  1. U5 & U6 coaches checkin 30 minutes ahead of activity time (bring roster for U6, cross out absent & add buddies)
  2. Regular AYSO U5 & U6 players checkin 15 minutes ahead of activity time
  3. Run activity sessions mostly as normal
  4. Snack celebration after game away from game field so next game can get going
  5. Pinnies returned to Pinnies Manager

All non-AYSO participants:
  1. register for the SoccerFest using pre-printed participant forms with the Registrar and get their stickers, pinnies, shinguards, socks
  2. get warmed up in groups by Game Supervisor(s) / Coaches / AYSO Camp Coaches
  3. get assigned teams by the Team Balancer
  4. play on teams supervised either by coaches/referees or by a game supervisor
  5. when done return pinnies to the Pinnies Manager 

Everyone gets fruit squish'ems and buttons from the Brand Ambassador

Everyone cleans up after each game cycle and game cycle repeats until everyone has played at least one game.

Everyone left at the end cleans up field and packs all equipment away.