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Your job is to collect paper work from guest players and make sure all player participants are either AYSO players from our Spring Program or give us a non-AYSO participant form.

You will be located under one of our AYSO canopies and will receive a signup list as well as some blank non-AYSO participant forms for parents to fill out in case they forget theirs.

  • Collect non-AYSO participant forms from guests and give each guest a special AYSO logo sticker to mark them as ok to play. Everyone must either be in our spring program or give us a non-AYSO participant form.
  • Mark off each guest player on the signup sheet(s) for your location. Add new entries if necessary but check to make sure they are in the right age range (6-8 at Muir, 4-6 at Miller)
  • Give each spring AYSO player (as identified by the coach and their lineup card & uniform a special AYSO logo sticker). You may wish to have another volunteer take care of this for spring teams.
  • After the event, deliver all non-AYSO participant forms and the signup sheet to Tim Oey.