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Playtime Adventure

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Playtime Adventure™ is an optional supplemental program developed by AYSO and AYSO Camps and run by AYSO Camps (UK Soccer).

It is an activity program for ages 3, 4, 5 and 6 that improves physical motor-skills, providing a foundation for an active lifestyle. It is not soccer specific but the skills developed are a foundation for future soccer development.

Playtime Adventure runs in parallel with the traditional AYSO soccer-focused U5 and U6 programs run by volunteers.

To sign up for AYSO Region 64's Playtime Adventure (run on weekdays), please visit http://www.playtimeadventure.com/Online/A5D.php?CID=92951291&wl=0

Future note: In the next few years the AYSO U5 program will transition to the new AYSO Playground for 3 year olds and AYSO Schoolyard for 4 year olds.