U5 Master Coach

The U5 Master Coach prepares and implements the lesson plan for each U5 session. The U5 Program Manager handles most of the administration of the U5 program along with the U5 Division Coordinator.

The U5 Master Coach should be intimately familiar with AYSO's U5 Jamboree, U5 Master Coach manual, and U6 Coach manuals so that the standard U5 curriculum is properly covered.

The Master Coach should be a certified Intermediate Coach, Coach Instructor, Advanced Coach, Advanced Coach Instructor, or professional UK Coach.


Time commitment is approximately 34 hours total for a season:

  • 4 hours of prep during the 2 months prior to the season including:
    • 1 hour to meet with the Master Coach and other U5 Program Managers
    • 3 hours to attend the parent team meeting approximately 2 weeks before games start
  • 3 hours for each of the 8 activity session (includes lesson prep time)
  • 0.5 hours sending emails to U5 Program Coordinator each week for 8 weeks
  • 2 hours to attend the post season team picnic/potluck and thank players and parents for working well together
  • No special access needed.