U5 Program Manager

Works with the U5 Boys Division Coordinator and the U5 Master Coach to ensure that our U5 program is well delivered according to AYSO's U5 Jamboree guidelines

  • At the end of each season, update the U5 Program page with proper info for the next season.
  • Work with the equipment manager to order U5 equipment for the upcoming season (blue size 3 balls, some spare shinguards, kid zone stickers) [3-6 months before first game]
  • Make sure the region does a last minute advertisement to bring in new U5 players. Contact the publicity manager & RC.
  • Reserve facility and a coach instructor for the U5 Parent season kickoff meeting [3-6 months before first game]
  • Work with uniform manager to order the right number of royal blue uniforms (all kids get same color uniform)
  • Work with the equipment manager to order the right number of blue AYSO size 3 soccer balls
  • Contact U5 parents whose kids are still pre-registered to encourage them to finish registering [2-3 weeks before first game]
  • Contact all U5 parents to remind them to attend the season kick off meeting - it is good to set up an evite for this [2-3 weeks before first game]
  • Set up an eVite for opening day and the first game.
  • Manage the Shutterfly group for the U5 Program.
  • Set up meeting ahead of season with U5 Staff (Master Coach, Division Coordinator, and Assistant U5 Program Managers) to ensure everyone knows what is expected in the U5 Program -- particularly that both kids and parents are involved at every session.  [2-3 weeks before first game]
  • Bring balls and uniforms to the kick off meeting and keep track of which kids get balls and uniforms so everyone is covered.
  • Set up and administer the U5 Parent season kickoff meeting. Includes arranging to get a coach instructor to give the main parent talk (contact the Region Coach Administrator to locate a coach instructor if necessary) [the meeting is 1-10 days before first game and or opening day, but the setup/reservation must occur 3-6 months in advance]
  • Assist U5 Master Coach during every U5 session.
    • Answers parent questions
    • Serves as a great positive role model
    • Recruits game supervisors and/or supervises other volunteers that are helping and gives each supervisor a whistle to keep
    • Splits kids/parents into roughly equal teams for 3v3 games and distributes pinnies as needed
  • Bring U5 equipment to each session
    • Extra shinguards (sold for $5 each), extra balls (sold for $10 each), pinnies, first aid, ball pumps, stamps, etc.
    • Retrieves pinnies from all players after game
  • Help and/or supervises field set up and take down including the U5 banners.
  • Ensure goals & shed & porta-potty are locked if U5 is last on the field after the U6 program.
  • Email important information to all U5 Parents or others as needed, like forwarding the weeks lesson plan to all parents each week.
  • Help parents and the U5 Master Coach as needed with the administrative work for the team (snack scheduling, picture day info/envelopes, sweatshirt ordering, picture pickup). This frees the U5 Master Coach to focus on the kids.
  • After running the program for a few seasons/years, train their replacement(s) to take over in future seasons.
Our region gives size 3 AYSO soccer balls to each U5 player. It is also nice to have stamps or some fun thing to give to kids at each session. Two special PLAYSOCCER banners are used as the shared team banner for all the U5 groups at their activity session and for picture day.


Time commitment is approximately 36 hours total for a season:

  • 15 hours of prep during the 5 months prior to the season including:
    • 1 hour to meet with the Master Coach and other U5 Program Managers
    • 3 hours to prepare and lead the parent team meeting approximately 2 weeks before games start
    • 6 hours to make sure the right number of uniforms, balls, whistles, shinguards, etc are ordered. Also coordination with the Coach Admin, U5 Coordinator, and the rest of the Board in general to make sure everything is set up correctly to support the U5 program.
    • 5 hours of admin work.
  • 2.5 hours for each of the 8 activity session
  • 0.5 hours sending emails to parents each week
  • 2 hours to attend the post season team picnic/potluck and thank players and parents for working well together
  • U5 Division Coordinator privileges in WebYouthSoccer.

2012 & 2013 U5 Program Managers