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How To Make An AYSO Team Banner

The finished banner should have a top sleeve and 2 slide sleeves for holding it. It is held up by 2 PVC tubes and 1 PVC tube to connect them. The tubes are set over 2 4-foot long pieces of rebar that are hammered into the ground.

Materials, and suggested sources:

Banner: An inexpensive source for fabric is to buy a cheep twin flat sheet from Jo-Ann,  Michael’s, or other such store and cut it down to size. Felt is another fabric that is popular. The finished size should be 6 feet wide by approximately 4 feet high

Tubing: Buy one 20-foot section of 3/4 inch PVC tubing from OSH or Home Depot and have them cut it into 3 pieces -- two 7' legs and one 6' crossbar. Also buy 2 3/4-inch slip L's. (L shaped pieces of PVC that slip onto the pipes to hold them together. Do not glue these on, as you will want to be putting them on and taking them off each time.)

Tube holders: Buy one 8-foot section of rebar at OSH and have them cut it into two 4-foot sections. Or go to a soccer store and get the stakes for corner flags.

Decorations: Lettering can be drawn, painted, or fabric that is glued on. Letters can be hand drawn if you are good with your hands, or traced from stencils. Stencils can be bought at Michael's. Gluing is best done with a hot glue gun, which can also be found at Michael's or borrowed from a friend or neighbor. Letters and other decorations can also be created by using fabric paint (such as 3D Paint made by Scribble or Jones Tones Glitter Paint) or fabric markers (such as Fabric Mate), all available at Michael's. Fabric paint needs a minimum of 24 hours to dry, especially the puffy, 3D stuff.

Eco tips to protect our planet:

  1. Make your banner reusable by making it the standard 6'x4' and having just graphics and the team name (don't put permanent coach or player names on it - attach these with velcro or safety pins or a few stitches with needle and thread). Then you can bring your banner to the annual fall volunteer/coach/ref meeting to show off and so the banner can be used (freecycled) to another team. Otherwise banners become trash in a landfill. This also reduces work in making banners!

  2. Use regular cloth rather than vinyl if possible. Regular cloth is more durable and repairable.

  3. By making your banner the standard 6'x4' size the standard pole set can be reused from year to year or passed onto another team.