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AYSO Region 64- West San Jose, Moreland & surrounding areas


AYSO provides excellent coach training!

All coaches must be trained. We go to great lengths to provide MANY training opportunities. We want your kids to have a top quality AYSO soccer experience and this is only possible if you are trained!

All coaches need to be:
  1. Registered for the current AYSO year (
  2. Have completed AYSO Safe Haven at (
  3. Have completed the AYSO division level soccer training that matches the division they are coaching.

Here is how to get the training you need:

  • Safe Haven
    • The AYSO Safe Haven course helps ensure the safety of BOTH volunteers and children. This course is mandatory for all coaches (no excuses) and will protect you legally and financially.
    • To Take the Course
      • Follow the instructions
    • All coaches must take this course, no excuses accepted. The course is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you have an AYSO # and cannot take the course it is most likely because your application or registration is more than 2 years old -- simply reapply as a volunteer.

  • Age/Division (U6, U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U19) Training
    • These courses teach you how to teach soccer to each age group.
    • For most local courses, see our Training Calendar
    • We greatly prefer that you take Division/Age Level Coach Training in person so you can get field training, ask questions, and meet your fellow coaches. The U5/U6 course is 2 hours, U8 - 2 hours, U10 - 3 hours, U12 - 5 hours, U14/Intermediate - 15 hours, U16-U19/Advanced - 18 hours, National - 56+ hours.
    • Please note that U12 training is a prerequisite for Intermediate, Intermediate a prereq for Advanced, and Advanced a prereq for National.
    • In-person courses are typically only offered from 2 to 10 weeks prior to the first game. After 2 weeks prior to the first game, online training is typically your only option. See below.
    • To sign up for an in-person course:
      • Log into
      • Choose "Course Signup" from the "My eAYSO" menu in the upper left corner of the eAYSO page.
      • Search for the course you want by selecting the course name and as few location attributes as possible --  like Section 2 and Area J, or Section 2 and Area A. If you specify too much you will come up with no results. 2J is the area that Region 64 is in. 2A is the area just north of us.
      • At this time you cannot see which courses you are signed up for, so put the course information (date, location, contact)  into your calendar at this point.
      • Click the radio button next to the desired course and press the "Course signup" Button
      • Click the radio button next to your name and press the "Add attendee to program roster" button.
      • You are now signed up!
      • A week after you take the course and pass the exam, please verify that the course shows as completed on your volunteer record in eAYSO.
    • As a last resort U6 and U8 training can be taken online. The online courses are condensed and skip some classroom portions as well as field training. If you take these online, you should take the in person course later. The online courses are also good refreshers for coaches who have taken in-person training previously. There is a U10 Online course but coaches must also take the in-person U10 Field course to be fully trained at U10.
    • To take an online course:
      • Go to
      • Enter your AYSO ID # and Last name to log in
      • Click on "Courses" in the top navigation bar
      • Click on the course you would like to take
      • Follow the directions and complete the course all the way to the end where it will create a training completion certificate for you
      • Save the training completion certificate for future reference (your course completion is also automatically recorded in eAYSO).

  • To get electronic copies of AYSO Manuals: (No Longer Available - Email [email protected]
    • Get your AYSO ID #
    • Go to
    • Login using your AYSO ID # and last name
    • Find the manual you need and download it

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