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AYSO Region 64- West San Jose, Moreland & surrounding areas

Information Architecture

Region 64 uses many systems (web based online tools) to manage its information. This is a quick overview of those systems.

The overall objective is:
  1. Allow region webmasters to manage access to the region's information content and be the primary custodians for all information outside of WYS and eAYSO
  2. While having the owners of each information area update their own content on our websites, calendars, docs, etc. 

This distributes the work so few should need to wait for the webmaster to do updates and reduces webmaster workload. The webmaster is responsible for training others as needed. For instance, the coach admin updates the coach pages, ref admin the ref pages, etc. The webmaster provides technical assistance, ensures the right people have access, ensures the overall information architecture works and evolves reasonably, and updates things that only the webmaster can update.

IMPORTANT SECURITY NOTE -- All AYSO staff who have access to any of the systems below must:
    • Only use known safe computers/devices to log into these systems.
    • Not let their kids or strangers use such secured devices.
    • Keep their devices clean of key stroke loggers, viruses, worms, trojans, etc.
    • Keep their devices, operating systems, web browsers, etc up-to-date with the latest security patches.
    • Keep all passwords secret and well secured (just in their head, a physical safe, and/or a digital safe like LastPass).

    • Thank you for keeping yourself, our volunteers, and our kids safe!

    • main public website ( -- click "Sign in" link in far lower left corner of any page to edit the page --  if you have been granted edit access)
  • GoDaddy
    • The domain registrar we use -- low rates and extensive online self service.
    • Security: owned by special ayso64 account. The password and user ID are shared among the webmasters using LastPass.
    • Cost: Domain registration cost is about $14/year -- currently this is the only ongoing monetary cost to maintain all of Region 64's website. All of the other assets described on this page are currently available for free and could even earn money for our region if we wanted to feature Google Ads or other online ads.
    • GoDaddy redirects to
  • Google Sites
    • Cost: Free
    • All content under is maintained in Google Sites ( owned by Google Account aysoregion64 (as well as key senior board members) and access shared with region staff who need to update.
    • Security: Google Sites allows multiple owners as well as allows a Google Group to be an owner or editor.
    • Images - may be uploaded to site but better (particularly photos) to store in Picasa owned by Google Account aysoregion64. See also Photo Assets.
    • Attachments - may be uploaded into site but whenever possible should be converted into a standard web page of the site. The next best alternative is to store in Google Docs owned by [email protected] and access shared with region staff who need to update. The final but least preferred is to upload a PDF of the document AND the original document onto the appropriate page -- but this uses more space and currently we are limited to 100 MB total. See also Web Maintenance.
    • Calendars - maintained in Google Calendars owned by Google Account aysoregion64 (as well as key senior board members) and access shared with region staff who need to update.
      • Region 64 general calendar
      • Region 64 UK Coach calendar
      • Area 2J general calendar
      • Area 2J Coach Training
      • Area 2J Referee Training
  • Gmail/Google Account
    • Cost: Free
    • This account should be the central owner (or one of the owners) for all Region 64 Google assets.
    • Security: There is one special Google Account ([email protected]) whose password is shared among the webmasters via LastPass.
  • Google Webmaster Tools
  • Google Groups
    • Cost: Free
    • We are currently only using one Google Group: [email protected] to help manage access to Google Assets and to be the mailing list contact behind [email protected]
    • Security: Google Groups allows multiple owners although a group itself cannot be an owner.
    • Google groups can be used to manage access to some Google assets but unfortunately not all as of Mar 1, 2013.
  • Google Docs
    • Cost: Free
    • A variety of Google Docs are used to run our region, some are visible publicly, others are shared only with those who need to know.
    • Security: They should all be owned by Google Account [email protected] and access shared with region staff who need to update them. Unfortunately only a single owner is allowed at a time. A Google group can be granted edit access but not be an owner.
  • Google Calendars
    • Cost: Free
    • Security: Multiple owners are allowed, one of which should be [email protected] Edit access granted to multiple people as needed.
    • Be careful to put the event on the right calendar
      • Region 64 -- for Region wide events that are not coach or referee training
      • Coach Training (shared across all of 2J) -- use only for coach training events
      • Referee Training (shared across all of 2J) -- use only for referee training events
      • Area 2J -- for Area wide events (but not coach or referee training)
      • For training calendar entries, use the following format
        • Title: - ()
          • for example: U6 Coach - San Jose (R64)
        • Enter exact start and end times
        • Where: Enter name of facility and exact address so the map link will work accurately
          • for example: John Muir Elementary School, 6560 Hanover Dr, San Jose, CA 95129
        • Calendar: Make sure you put the event on the correct calendar! You can switch the event to the proper calendar after it is created if you make a mistake.
        • Description: Be specific about how to register, who to send questions to, what to bring, etc.
    • When published on a website, calendars can be mixed together as needed. Entries are automatically color coded to reflect which calendar they are from.
    • If you have edit access, each calendar will show up under "My Calendars" once you log in.
  • Google Maps
    • Cost: Free
    • Security: Multiple owners are allowed, one of which should be [email protected] Edit access granted to multiple people as needed. Unfortunately as of Mar 1 2013, Google groups cannot be used to control access to custom maps.
    • Used to draw field locations. Owned by aysoregion64 account and other individuals. Sometimes links just embedded and no owner needed.
  • Google Photos
  • email addresses
    • Cost: Part of GoDaddy domain registration fee
    • These are all forwards (aliases) managed by GoDaddy Account ayso64.
  • Yahoo Groups
    • Cost: Free.
    • See also Yahoo Groups.
    • Security: Owned primarily by our AYSO Region 64 Yahoo Group/EGroup moderator(s) plus key senior board members, particularly  [email protected]. must have a Yahoo account to be an owner/moderator
    • Used to contact broad groups of volunteers by email.
    • Teams sometimes also create their own private Yahoo Groups owned by coaches and/or team managers.
  • Facebook page
    • Cost: Free unless we choose to do paid advertising on it.
    • Used to build community, share pictures and news, attract new players and volunteers.
    • Security: managed by senior board members of AYSO Region 64 (users must have a Facebook account and like the page to become an admin/manager).
  • Shutterfly
    • http://shutterfly.com
    • Cost: Free
    • Used to create secure sharing sites for each team. Can be automatically loaded from eAYSO. Data must be manually assembled from WebYouthSoccer to load into it.
    • Security: Region 64 admin area owned by senior board members.
  • eAYSO
    • Cost: Funded by a portion of the $15/player/year our region pays to AYSO National
    • Database that contains all official AYSO player, team, volunteer, and other records.
    • Security: Managed per AYSO security policies which keep sensitive player and volunteer information properly secured. The security mechanisms are thorough and intricate. Regional Commissioners, Area Directors, Section Directors, and AYSO's national office maintain all access to this system.
  • WebYouthSoccer (WYS)
    • Cost: $5/player/season
    • Database used to manage Region 64.
    • Currently allows better management of players, teams, volunteers, coaches, divisions, games, and statistics than eAYSO.
    • Security: Access managed by key senior board members.
  • Arbiter
    • Cost: A portion of the $5/player/season we pay to Area 2J.
    • Security: Access managed by senior referee staff in Area 2J.
  • LastPass
    • Stand alone personal password manager. Using a password manager is important when you have many different passwords to remember. Every account should have a different and strong password - 12+ characters, upper & lower case, numbers, punctuation if possible.
    • Cost: Free unless you want to get extra features like mobile device versions.
    • The password manager/safe that we recommend is LastPass. LastPass is the best of the best -- very secure, supports just about every platform and web browser, automatically backs up your passwords in a safe manner. If you know of a better password manager, please let us know.
    • Security: Each LastPass account is individually owned but LastPass allows certain passwords to be securely shared when needed (for instance the password to the region's master account [email protected] and the aysoregion64 GoDaddy account).

Region Accounts

  • Google (Sites, Docs, Calendars, Picasa, Gmail, etc)
    • usernames: [email protected] & [email protected]
    • passwords: managed/shared via LastPass to Regional Commissioner, Area Director, [email protected]
    • while the account aysoregion64 should own most of these assets, this account should rarely be used by anyone (webmasters may need to use it to organize some things). As much as possible people (even the webmasters) should use their own personal Google accounts to edit, change, and manage these assets so everyone knows who updated what. The central region and area accounts are just so we can have a central owner when needed (especially for Google Docs).
  • GoDaddy
    • username: ayso64
    • Handles domain registration for &, as well as email forwards for both of these domains.
    • password: managed/shared via LastPass to Regional Commissioner, Area Director, and necessary webmasters.
  • All other systems (eAYSO, WebYouthSoccer, Arbiter, MySoccerLeague, etc)
    • These are all handled by private individual accounts

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