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AYSO Region 64- West San Jose, Moreland & surrounding areas

Region 64 Playing Rules Summary


U5 & 6







Law 1
The Field of Play

Marked & equipped to age appropriate size.

Law 2
The Ball

Size 3

Size 4

Size 5

Law 3
The Number of Players

3 v 3,
no keepers

5 v 5,
no keepers

7 v 7

9 v 9

11 v 11
(7 min)

Plus Area 2J "1-up" and "No player plays 4 before all players play 3".

Area 2A/J "2 quarter" rule.

Law 4
The Players' Equipment

Shirt, Shorts, Shinguards, Socks, & Shoes
(NO jewelry, including earrings & bracelets. No casts or splints.)

Law 5 & 6
The Referee & The Assistant Referee

Field Monitors or Coaches

Referee & Club Linesmen

(Referee & 2 Assistant Referees)

Law 7
The Duration of the Match

15 min halves

20 min halves

25 min halves

30 min halves

35 min halves

40 min halves

45 min halves

Law 8
The Start and Restart of Play


Law 9
The Ball In and Out of Play

Law 10
The Method of Scoring

Law 11

Not used

no "cherry-picking"


Law 12
Fouls & Misconduct

Unmodified, see notes on Fouls & Misconduct
(Slide tackles are considered dangerous play at younger ages.)

Law 13
Free Kicks

Direct Free Kicks only


Law 14
Penalty Kicks

Direct Free Kick
at least "10-yards" from goal

Direct Free Kick
from Penalty Area line

Law 15
The Throw In

"do-over's" allowed

"do-over's" allowed
(first 3 weeks)


(Note FIFA has added a 2-yard minimum distance.)

Law 16
The Goal Kick

"kick-in" from goal line


Law 17
The Corner Kick


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